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  • InFarm’s High-Tech Vertical Farms Head to Canadian Grocery Stores

    "InFarm is bringing its in-store vertical farming systems to Empire supermarkets across Canada, according to a press release from Empire. The partnership will launch this coming spring and put InFarms’s high-tech farm pods in stores across that country, including at Empire subsidiaries Sobeys, Thrifty Foods, and Safeway Canada. "

    "Berlin-based InFarm, which raised $100 million in June of 2019, has struck multiple deals with grocery store chains around the world over the last several months, including Irma in Denmark, M&S in the UK, and Kroger stores in the U.S. The company is one of many startups developing vertical and/or indoor farming solutions meant to shorten the food supply chain by growing greens closer to food stores."

    Food Tech InFarm’s High-Tech Vertical Farms Head to Ca

  • Good News, Astronauts — Lettuce Grown in Space is Safe to Eat and Also Nutritious

    Astronauts hoping to eat salads during their interplanetary travels got some good news this week. NASA scientists have been examining the red romaine lettuce grown on the International Space Station (ISS) and just determined that it’s not only safe to eat — it’s also just as nutritious as lettuce grown on Earth (h/t New York Times).

    The lettuce was grown from 2014 to 2016 in Veggie, a hydroponic growth chamber onboard the ISS. NASA scientists have been examining samples culled from Veggie and comparing them to romaine grown here on Earth under similar agricultural conditions (same humidity, temperature, etc). Today they released a paper which states that the two lettuces had similar nutritional values, though the space-grown lettuce had higher levels of (unharmful) microbes, likely due to their proximity to the astronauts.

    Food Tech Good News, Astronauts — Lettuce Grown in Spa

  • Dexai Robotics Raises $5.5M for its Robot Sous Chef

    Dubbed “Alfred,” Dexai’s robotic arm is meant to be a flexible food prep assistant that can work in various kitchen scenarios. The company says it can work with a restaurant’s existing set up, utensils and recipes to do things like assemble sandwiches, salads, and even scoop ice cream.

    Alfred came about as a result of artificial intelligence for robotics research conducted in collaboration between MIT and Harvard. According to the press announcement, that research led to the software breakthrough that allowed Alfred to control “deformable materials” like ice cream, sushi-grade tuna, pico de gallo, etc.

  • Impossible Foods Cuts Price to Reach Goal of Replacing Meat by 2035

    The Redwood City, California-based startup said today in a press release that it was slashing prices an average of 15 percent across all U.S. foodservice products (not including retail).

    Food Tech Impossible Foods Cuts Price to Reach Goal of Repla

  • Minnow Launches its Lunch Delivery Pods in Portland, OR

    "Office workers use either SMS or the mobile web to pre-order their lunch from a rotating menu of local restaurants. Once the restaurant completes the orders, Minnow then delivers all the orders... putting each order in its own cubby. To collect their lunch, the recipient just goes to the Minnow pod, clicks in a special mobile link and the cubby housing their food is opened."

    "For the restaurant, it consolidates a bunch of orders first thing in the morning, so they start the day with some revenue and can more easily manage fulfillment since all the orders are being picked up at the same time."

    "For office workers, this type of asynchronous approach means that they don’t have to wait around for a lunch delivery person, or have that delivery person arrive during an important meeting. Lunch is delivered at a set time and waits in the cubby until pickup."

    Food Tech Minnow Launches its Lunch Delivery Pods in Portlan

  • Restaurants Will Soon Remember Your Dietary Restrictions and Birthday, Says SevenRooms CEO

    At SevenRooms, we see the operations arm of restaurants continuously becoming more intertwined as technology is integrated, making processes more seamless as the power of guest data is unleashed. Through direct integrations with POS systems and other technology partners, we can create complete guest profiles including dining preferences, allergies, order history and more. The restaurant industry is centered on human interaction; and by helping restaurants use technology to understand who their guest is and what they want, we can empower operators to have the most personalized customer interactions possible.

    Food Tech Restaurants Will Soon Remember Your Dietary Restri

  • Miele announced today that it has acquired the assets of the German company, Agrilution, makers of the Plantcube indoor vertical farm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    Agrilution’s Plantcubes look like wine fridges that are meant to be built directly into home kitchens. The automated systems regulate the lighting, climate, and water levels plants receive, all key parts of delivering the right “recipe” of nutrients to crops grown in vertical farms. Plantcubes cost €2,979 (~$3,300 USD) and are capable of growing a number of different greens including kale, leaf lettuce, basil and more.

    Having an in-kitchen grow system makes a lot of sense for people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint as well as have more transparency into and control over the food that they eat. These small farms could be especially appealing to those that don’t have the space, inclination or talent to grow their greens outside.

    Food Tech Miele announced today that it has acquired the ass

  • Google級の良質な社食を多くの企業へ、社食の遊休資産を使ったランチケータリングのノンピが2億円調達



    良質な社食環境をサービス化した「社食 as a Service」型のプロダクトと捉えられるかもしれない。






    「ケータリング」は国内外でポテンシャルがあると考えられている領域。実際にアメリカなどでもDropbox・Adobeなどを顧客に抱える「Cater」、これまで二桁億円規模の調達を実施している「ZeroCater」や「EAT Club」など注目を集めるスタートアップがいくつも登場している。

    Food Tech Google級の良質な社食を多くの企業へ、社食の遊休資産を使ったランチケータリングのノンピが2億円調

  • Sustainable Food Tech ETF Launches

    oday, Defiance ETFs, a firm focused on disruptive technology and next-generation investment themes, rolled out an ETF targeting companies focused on food-related technologies. The Defiance Next Gen Food and Agriculture ETF (DIET) targets the themes of “alternative plant-based sources of meat, … seed modification, sustainable farming and irrigation techniques,” a press release said.

    “What we are providing to investors is really exposure to the companies that are leading the charge in the way food is being produced and some of the innovative things happening in food,” said Paul Dellaquila, president of Defiance ETFs.

    The fund tracks the BlueStar Food and Agriculture Sustainability Index, which divides its components into four tiers. The largest tier, weighted at 50% of the index, covers flavors and fragrances, baby food, alternative sweeteners and agricultural chemicals.

  • Postmates CEO: The Food Delivery Wars Is Like The Battle Between Netflix And Hulu

    Postmates struck deals with Los Angeles favorites like poke restaurant Sweetfin and pizza chain Blaze to become its exclusive provider. The delivery company also partnered with Dodgers Stadium and Yankee Stadium to let baseball fans order food during games there.

    Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub have also been signing exclusive deals, with chains from Shake Shack to Chili’s. In its remarks, Grubhub acknowledged that the customers using its network now are “more promiscuous” than the customers of the past. “For years, we saw in our data that a Grubhub diner was extremely loyal to our platform. However, our newer diners are increasingly coming to us already having ordered on a competing online platform, and our existing diners are increasingly ordering from multiple platforms,” the company said Monday.

    Food Tech Postmates CEO: The Food Delivery Wars Is Like The

  • Plenty Announces a New Vertical Farm Facility in the Middle of Los Angeles

    Vertical farming company Plenty announced plans today to build a new farm facility, this one in Southern California. According to a press release sent to The Spoon, the new facility will be located in Los Angeles’ Compton neighborhood. Development is slated to begin later this year, and produce will be ready for market in late 2020.

    This will be Plenty’s second vertical farm, following the company’s first San Francisco location, which is already in operation and sells greens at a number of local retailers as well as e-commerce grocery store Good Eggs.

    Food Tech Plenty Announces a New Vertical Farm Facility in t

  • The present and future of food tech investment opportunity

    Food tech present

    Food tech future
    [ Consumer food tech ]
    Impossible Foods
    Beyond Meat
    Memphis Meats
    Clara Foods
    Ripple Foods
    Renaissance Bioscience

    [ Industrial food tech ]
    Apeel Sciences
    Hazel Technologies
    P&P Optica

    [ Supply chain & procurement ]
    Safe Traces
    Farmer’s Fridge
    6D Bytes
    Starship Electronics
    Good Eggs

    Food Tech The present and future of food tech investment opp

  • What Does Amazon's Entry in Cloud Kitchens Mean For Foodtech Space in India

    Amazon may launch its pilot under Amazon Restaurant brand.

    The report also revealed that Amazon may join hands with national restaurant chains ...there is a supply problem in terms of restaurants and thus and Amazon is trying to fix that with the cloud kitchen.

    The report also revealed that Amazon is looking to duplicate Swiggy’s model where it would use its existing fleet to deliver ecommerce packages, complete restaurant orders and do grocery delivery.

    This is not the first time Amazon has attempted to tap into the foodtech business. In August, reports said that Amazon had plans to partner with Ola-owned Foodpanda to foray into food delivery with speculations that the partnership could extend to an acquisition. Prior to this, the e-commerce giant was also reportedly in talks for acquiring the Indian arm of UberEATS.

    Food Tech What Does Amazon's Entry in Cloud Kitchens Me


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