Hi Jimmy-san

I ran around on bike,went to Atusgi,Sagamiko.
The roads were empty,so I got there faster than I thought I would.

>>YOKOSUKA BBQ is an annual event, my brother lives there.
I see.
Jimmy-san look forward that BBQ is coming every year.

I do not know the word “Merish”. (T-T)
Now learned one word. (^-^)
Australia is the British Commonwealth , but I they had to change the English over a long time.
In Japan, there is a dialect,we call “WASEI-EIGO”
“Ice coffee”(Janan style) means iced coffee
“Cocoa“ means hot chocolate
“Notebook PC” means Laptop computer・・・・・

Once I was troubled in Australia.

Could I have some bag?
Front Desk Clerk----(Paper bag)
No,vinyl bag
Front Desk Clerk----(Vinyl bag?????)
Oh,plastic bag!!!!
I did not know the word plastic bag.

See you later!