In the aerospace, space, and defense sectors, IHI will promote cost reductions in the private engine business, advance upgrading of maintenance, and sales expansion of materials. Focusing on the top talented people focusing on the new engines “PW1100G-JM” and “GE9X” (Senior Director, Managing Executive Officer, Asunaki Sinna). While improving by cooperation of design and production technology, we will promote production efficiency by making the factory smart factory.

The division's sales in fiscal 2018 are ¥ 492.2 billion. The operating profit margin was 9.4%. In addition to a long advance investment period for aviation engines, the initial stage of mass production continues to have selling prices below production costs. Introduced talented personnel to produce new engines for the European Airbus A320 Neo and US Boeing 777X. It leads to the shortening of the unprofitable period at the beginning of mass production. Expand sales of spare parts that can be highly profitable for existing engines.

In the defense business, "the expansion of procurement of paid military assistance (FMS) has reduced the share of domestic industry" (the same). Based on this situation, we will strengthen our support for the rear and start a program for developing a future fighter engine in 21 fiscal year.