I agree with Mr. 211. Wait a breath, the equation of victory to buy and buy.
In that sense, a pro may be targeting 1,000 shares at 2,500.
Asakura-sensei is trying to shift from HDD to semiconductor brand, saying 5G.
The old HDD was slow, but the recent HDD is much faster.
HDDs are designed with density, rotational speed, and caching. 7200 rotations
Also about Toshiba's semiconductor plant
It takes a lot of time to spend a lot of money and recover the former hand,
It takes five years to make a profit, and like the Sharp Kameyama model, new technology
If it does not correspond, it may become a factory closure.
Now semiconductors in the world are SAMSUN without earthquakes? It is such a place.
In any case, if the price of carbon is large, the price difference is large.
It will be profitable as the municipal tax goes up. WW^^