initially generated three Polg1 mutant mice lines and selected one line (C57BL/6JTg(Camk2-mutPolg)1Bsi),18
which has been deposited in RIKEN BioResource Center
(RBRC01498). CaMKII-promoter-loxP-STOP-loxP-tTA (Tg2) and TetO-TeTX (Tg3)
transgenic mice were generated as described previously.19 For AAV-induced regionspecific
inhibition of neural transmission, heterozygous Tg2 and Tg3 were crossed to obtain
the mice (Tg2/+;Tg3/+) which express TeTX depending on Cre recombinase expression
and the other progenies (single mutant of Tg2/+ or Tg3/+, or wild-type +/+) were used as
control mice. In behavioral analysis, animals were excluded when they were injured or died
due to an accident.